General Astronomy

Visualizing Exoplanets and More with NASA’s Eyes

If you ever wanted to know what other planetary systems might look like beyond our own solar system, then NASA’s Eyes is for you. This nifty little app allows you to visit stars known to host their own exoplanets or are potential candidates.  Basic information is provided for each exoplanet including its method of detection, mass, orbital period, and size. You can even display where the habitable zone is located and compare a system to our own.

To give an idea of what this program looks like, here are some screen shots:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


NASA’s Eyes also has a suite of apps for stuff closer to home, too. You can track the real time positions and mission highlights of several space craft including Juno, New Horizons, Cassini, and Dawn. You can even free roam and take a tour around the entire solar system! The NASA’s Eyes page can be found here.


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