Bad Astronomy
Distant Earths
Galactic Interactions
Preposterous Universe
Starts with a Bang!

Evolutionary Biology
The Cambrian Mammal -Evolutionary developmental biology
The Curious Disconnect -Evolutionary theory and modern mutationism
Evoanth (Filthy Monkey Men) -Evolutionary Anthropology
Genomicron -Genomics
Sandwalk -Blog by the biochemist Larry Moran
Telliamed Revisited -Richard Lenski’s blog and the Long-Term Evolution Experiment with E. Coli
Teach Biology

History and Philosophy
Evolving Thoughts -Philosophy of biology
Extinct -Philosophy of Paleontology
The H Word -History of science
Philosophical Disquisitions -Ethics, law, religion, and technology
Footnotes to Plato
The Renaissance Mathematicus -History of science (astronomy)
Whewell’s Ghost -History of science

It’s Okay to be Smart
The Logic of Science -Blog dedicated to addressing bad science
Pragmatic Revolution -Economics, politics, and government policy


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